2017   Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, UH  Mānoa       “Gender stereotypes and counter-stereotypes in children’s television: Prevalence and effects on children’s own stereotypes” (Advisors: Ashley Maynard, Kristin Pauker)

2014     M.A., Developmental Psychology, UH Mānoa  “Verbal and Non-verbal Parental Teaching Strategies: Ethnotheories and Efficacies”  (Advisors: Brandy Frazier, Ashley Maynard)

2008   B.A., Psychology, Wellesley College  (Advisor: Emily S. Cleveland)

Teaching Experience

Courses Taught (all courses have been taught online and in the classroom)

  • PSY 240 Developmental Psychology, UH Manoa (4 sections), Leeward CC (4 sections)
  • FAMR 230 Human Development, Leeward CC (15 sections)
  • PSY 100 Survey of Psychology, Leeward CC (4 sections)

Courses Prepared: Courses I could teach easily because of expertise and/or experience as a Teaching Assistant

  • PSY 250 Social Psychology
  • PSY 260 Personality
  • PSY 280 Community Psychology
  • PSY 202 Psychology of Gender
  • PSY 212 Research Methods
  • PSY 225 Statistical Techniques

 Professional Activities

Professional Development

  • 2018: Attended Hawaii Student Success Institute
  • 2018: Attended post-HSSI training on Open Textbook Network Advocacy Training
  • 2018: Attended Pacific Region Learning Summit (Go Open, Go Free track)
  • 2018: Participated in Teaching Squares (peer discussion of teaching methods), Leeward CC
  • 2017: Participated in Teaching Excellence Program (14 weeks), Leeward CC
  • 2017: Participated in Power Mentoring (intensive mentoring on OER), Leeward CC
  • 2017: Participated in Teaching Squares, Leeward CC
  • 2017: Attended "Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Educational Practice" (UHCC)
  • 2017: Attended "Teaching Adults Effectively Online" (UHCC)


Ad-Hoc Reviewer

  • Sex Roles 


  • 2018-present Volunteer Group Leader, Piko Pals New Parent Support Group
  • 2018- present Volunteer Consultant, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Hawaii
  • 2017-present Member, Leeward CC Assessment Think Tank
  • 2015  Judge, UH Mānoa Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • 2013-present  Vice President of Admissions, Wellesley College Alumnae Club of Hawai`i      
  • 2013   Judge, UH Mānoa Undergraduate Research Opportunities Spring Symposium
  • 2013   Judge, Fagaitua High School Alumni Association (Pago Pago, American Samoa) scholarship for high school seniors
  • 2011-2012   Volunteer, UH Mānoa Children’s Center

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2017 UH Mānoa Dept of Psychology, Gartley Award for travel to JPS in San Francisco, CA ($1300)
  • 2016  NAEd/Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, Semi-Finalist (top 18%)
  • 2016   UH Mānoa Dept of Psychology, Gartley Award for travel to APS and JPS in Chicago, IL ($2200)
  • 2016    UH Mānoa College of Social Sciences, Travel Award to present at IACCP in Nagoya, Japan ($500)
  • 2015   Society for Research in Child Development, Student Travel Award to present at biennial meeting ($300)
  • 2014  International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, selected from over 100 candidates to participate in PhD Summer School (Developmental Stream) in Reims, France for 4 days before the biennial conference.
  • 2014    UH Mānoa Graduate Student Organization, Travel Award to present at Association for Psychological Science and Jean Piaget Society meetings in San Francisco, CA ($305)
  • 2013   UH Mānoa Graduate Student Organization, Travel Award to present at Cognitive Development Society meeting in Memphis, TN ($689)
  • 2013    Jacobs Foundation and Cognitive Development Society, Travel Award to attend preconference: “Rethinking Cognitive Development and Autism” ($100)
  • 2013   NSF- Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Honorable Mention for project: “Does parental autonomy support within explanatory parent-child conversations foster preschoolers’ engagement in science?"
  • 2012    UH Mānoa Dept of Psychology, Gartley Award to present at Society for Research in Child Development in Seattle, WA ($1100)
  • 2012    Society for Psychological Anthropology & Lemelson Foundation, Pre-dissertation fellowship for fieldwork: “Native Hawaiian parental ethnotheories of learning” ($3760)
  • 2011    UH Mānoa Dept of Psychology, Gartley Award for project: “Parental beliefs about preschoolers’ information seeking in Hawai`i” ($500)
  • 2007-present  Psi Chi, Member
  • 2005    Wellesley College, First Year Distinction         

Research Experience

  • 2014-present  Sesame Workshop, Freelance Researcher
  • 2014-2017  iDecide Hawaii, Graduate Research Assistant
  • 2011-2017  UH Mānoa Dept. of Psychology, Graduate Student
  • 2009-2011   UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute, Junior Specialist
  • 2007   Children’s Hospital Boston, Undergraduate Intern
  • 2006-2007  Wellesley College Dept. of Psychology, Research Assistant


Pauker, K., Xu, Y., Williams, A., & Biddle, A. M. (2016). Essentialism and social contextual differences in children’s racial stereotyping. Child Development, 87(5), 1409-1422.

Cleveland, E.S. & Morris (Biddle), A. (2014). Autonomy support and structure enhance children’s memory and motivation to reminisce: A parental training study. Journal of Cognition and Development,15(3), 414-436.

Manuscripts under review or in preparation

Biddle, A. M., Frazier, B.N., & Maynard, A.E. (under review). Experimental evidence that parental beliefs about how children learn influence parental teaching strategies and children's learning

 Biddle, A.M., Cleveland, E.S. (under review). Autonomy support fosters preschoolers' engagement in non-explanatory parent-child conversations.

Biddle, A.M. & Maynard, A.E. (in prep.). Native Hawaiian parental beliefs about children’s learning: What has changed and what has stayed the same?

Biddle, A.M. (in prep.). Gender stereotypes in preschool television shows: Where are the women?

Biddle, A.M. & Pauker, K. (in prep.) How much do you want to be a ballerina? The effect of television stereotypes on children's gender stereotyping and essentialism.

Pauker, K., Brey, E., Biddle, A.M., & Bellwood, C. (in prep.) Mixed messages: Implicit transmission of racial bias and intergroup anxiety from parents to children.

Professional Presentations

Invited Talks

2015       Boston University, Social Learning Lab, Boston, MA

Chaired Symposia

Let's (not?) Talk about Race: Social Transmission of Racial Bias in Parent-Child Interactions. (2016, May). Association for Psychological Science, Chicago, IL. A.M. Biddle & C. Bellwood, co-chairs.

Media & Development: How is Technology Shaping Identity Development Across the Lifespan? (2016, June). Jean Piaget Society, Chicago, IL. A.M. Biddle & M. Cantwell, co-chairs.

Paper Presentations

Albright, C.L., Saiki, K., Wilkens, L., Biddle, A., White, K., Pacheco, M., Smith, P. (2018, April). Can an eHealth gamified intervention move undergrads from "ick" to "click" so they decide to be an organ donor on their driver's license? Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine in New Orleans, LA.

Pauker, K., Apfelbaum, E., Biddle, A., Bellwood, C. (2017, April). Learning (not) to talk about race: The role of teachers and parents. Society for Research in Child Development biennial meeting in Austin, TX.

Biddle, A.M. (2016, July). Rules & responsibilities in early childhood in Hawai`i. International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology in Nagoya, Japan.

Biddle, A.M. (2016, July). Television as a means of gender socialization: Investigating gender roles in popular preschool media across cultures. Rapid Paper presentation at International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology in Nagoya, Japan.

Biddle, A.M. (2016, June) Dora, Doc, and Daniel Tiger: What is educational television teaching preschoolers about gender? Jean Piaget Society meeting in Chicago, IL.

Bellwood, C., Biddle, A.M., & Pauker, K. (May, 2016) "Do as I say?" or "Do as I do"?: Effects of parents' implicit and explicit messages about race on their children's anxiety in intergroup interactions. Association for Psychological Science meeting in Chicago, IL.

Albright, C. A., Saiki, K. N., Biddle, A. M., & Wilkens, L. A. (March, 2016) Using eHealth to engage Asian/Pacific Island undergraduates in decision to be an organ donor on their adult driver’s license.  Annual Meeting & Scientific Session of the Society of Behavioral Medicine in Washington, D.C.

Morris, A. M. (July, 2014) “When I was young”: Emerging adults reminisce about early childhood. International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology meeting in Reims, France.

Morris, A. M., Maynard, A. E., & Frazier, B. N. (May, 2014) Parental beliefs about four-year-olds’ learning predict verbal and non-verbal teaching strategies and children’s learning outcomes in a sorting task. Jean Piaget Society annual meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Morris, A. (April, 2013) “Oh those days were different”: Native Hawaiian parenting reflections. Joint meeting of Society for Psychological Anthropology and Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group in San Diego, CA.

Poster Presentations

* mentored undergraduate

Biddle, A.M. (2018, June). Gender equality in educational television: We're not there yet but there's a simple solution. National Research Conference on Early Childhood in Arlington, VA.

Albright, C., Saiki, K., Wilkens, L., Biddle, A. M., Devine, D., Pacheco, M., & Smith, P. (2017, March). Undergraduates’ designated organ donor status on their driver’s license: Age, race/ethnicity, gender, and religion matter. Annual Meeting & Scientific Session of the Society of Behavioral Medicine in San Diego, CA.

*Bento, A., Biddle, A.M., *Ko, J., *Conley, C., & *Searles, C. (2016, June). Where are the women? Gender representation in preschoolers’ educational television. Jean Piaget Society meeting in Chicago, IL.

 Morris, A.M., Pauker, K., Williams, A. & Carpenter, M. (March, 2015) Parents’ concerns about appearing prejudiced are related to their child’s motivation for intergroup interactions. Society for Research in Child Development biennial meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

Morris, A.M. (March, 2015) Gender and developmental differences in parent-child conversations at the zoo: An observational study. Society for Research in Child Development biennial meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

 Morris, A. M., Cleveland, E. S., & Frazier, B. N. (May, 2014)“I don’t know. What do you think?”: Do autonomy-supportive non-explanations foster preschoolers’ engagement? Jean Piaget Society annual meeting in San Francisco, CA.

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 Morris, A. M. & Frazier, B. N. (October, 2013) How do children learn best? Connections to parental beliefs, teaching strategies, and children’s learning. Cognitive Development Society biennial meeting in Memphis, TN.

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Morris, A. (May, 2007) 'What did you do at the Pretend Zoo?': Parents & children talk about the past. Ruhlman Conference in Wellesley, MA.